For Cat Parents

Three green flags that your cat is happy

As cat owners and lovers, we all want to ensure that our cats are healthy and happy. At the same time, cats can be quite mysterious– unlike dogs who wear their hearts on their sleeves (paws), cats have a subtle and complex way of expressing themselves. But with a little knowledge, it’s possible to tell when your cat is happy and content. Read on to discover three signs that indicate your cat is happy and healthy based on scientific research about cat behavior. 

Everything you need to know about why your cat kneads

VitaCat, creators of healthy cat chews for cats, discusses why cats knead and what it means.

How cats stay clean

VitaCat, the creators of cat chews designed to keep your cats happy and healthy, discuss how cats keep themselves clean and the signs of over-grooming to look out for. 

Here's why your cat sleeps all day

VitaCat, the makers of cat chews for cat health, discusses why cats sleep all day and signs to look out for that your cat needs help with their sleep cycle.

Why does my cat get the zoomies?

Do you ever watch as your cat scurries around the house at top speed, leaping over and around furniture, seemingly hunting an invisible prey? While it might seem odd, the behavior known as "the zoomies," or frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs) is perfectly normal for cats. In this post, we'll take a closer look at why cats get the zoomies and share tips on how to minimize disruption from them.

How to support your cat's gut health

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of maintaining good intestinal health for cats and learn about some simple strategies for encouraging optimal gut function. 

Common human foods that are toxic to cats

At VitaCat, we’re in the business of helping you keep your cat healthy and happy. We're looking at the most commonly known human foods toxic to cats: onions, garlic, grapes, and chocolate. Read on for more information about keeping your cat safe. 

Our favorite Christmas gifts for cats and their paw-rents.

It’s that time of year! Whether you’ve already got your stocking stuffers or you’re still looking for the perfect presents for your feline friend or the cat-lover in your life, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some purr-fect gifts for everyone on your list – furry or otherwise!

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Cat’s Health

Here at VitaCat, we’re passionate about caring for your cat’s wellbeing through our range of cat health supplements that address common concerns such as kidney health, joint and mobility support, and more. However, the best way to support your cat’s health is by taking a well-rounded approach. The best place to start is by following daily habits and incorporating these simple tips into their routine. 

Does your cat have these common nutrient deficiencies?

Common nutrient deficiencies in cats can be cause for concern among cat owners. Whether you're looking for the best healthy cat food or you’re trying to find some nutritional supplements for your cat, it can be hard to know what your cat really needs.

Have you heard of Astragalus Root? Here’s why it’s one of our hero ingredients.

This week on the VitaCat blog, we’re breaking down one of our favorite ingredients for supporting kidney health in our feline friends. We use Astragalus Root in our Kidney + Urinary Support Chews to provide the best supplementation for your cats.

Here’s why it’s time to start looking at your cat’s joint health.

We're breaking down why it is so important to take a preventative approach to your cat’s joint health, and what you can do to support their mobility.

Have you thought about your cat’s kidney health? Here’s why you should.

We’re breaking down why you need to look after your cat’s kidney health and how to start.

Hemp Protein Powder: The Magic Ingredient For Calm Cats

Vita Cat’s Calming Aid cat chews can help your cat relax in times of stress thanks to hemp protein powder. 

What ingredients are used in VitaCat formulations?

VitaCat cat chews are formulated with ingredients that may support your cat’s optimal health.

What makes VitaCat passionate about creating the best nutritional cat chews?

VitaCat’s line of healthy cat chews might help support your cat’s daily wellness and happiness.

All About Rehmannia: the Magical Herb in Cat Kidney Supplements

We formulated cat kidney supplements that use rehmannia to promote healthy kidney functions and assist in boosting and stimulating the immune system.