CAT Health FAQ


Should I give my cat supplements?
This largely depends on your cat’s specific needs and temperament. Just like with humans, vitamins and supplements are becoming increasingly popular as people discover the health benefits, which range from decreased stress to increased energy and a generally increased sense of wellbeing. We encourage you to review our products and their wide range of potential benefits and reach out with any questions to
My cat has arthritis. Will the Hip & Joint Supplement help it go away?
Glucosamine and chondroitin are the main ingredients in our Hip & Joint Supplements, and these work to increase lubrication within the joints and repair cartilage. While supplements won’t eliminate arthritis, they can prevent or slow the progression of the disease and support your cat’s joint function so they can live more comfortably.
Why is the Dental Chew harder than the other soft chews?
The ingredients in our Dental Chew help support overall dental health, and the hard dexterity of the chews works to remove plaque buildup. Cat teeth are made to break bones, which in nature reduces tooth decay. Our Dental Chew is designed to act as a natural replacement for this process.
My cat is on medications–are VitaCat products safe for them to use with medications?
While we have not seen any interactions between our products and medications, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian about your cat’s specific situation if you have questions.
Will my cat like the taste of VitaCat supplements?
VitaCat supplements come in flavors like tuna and chicken. While your cat’s preference may vary, in our taste test trials most cats found the flavors to be yummy.
How many supplements should I give my cat and how often?
We have feeding instructions on our jars and also on each product page.
Does VitaCat have any cat food products?
Not yet, but stay tuned for more products in the works!

Orders & Shipping

How fast can you ship?
We ship the same day, Monday - Friday.
Does VitaCat ship internationally?
We currently only ship within the USA, but stay tuned for updates on international shipping options.
What is your return policy?
The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. If you’re not satisfied with any VitaCat products, you can request a return within 30 days of purchase.