Is your cat bored? How to tell and how to keep them entertained.

Is your cat bored? How to tell and how to keep them entertained.

We all know the feeling of being bored at home after the last few years. Turns out, your feline friend could be feeling the same way! Boredom in indoor cats is completely normal and very common. That’s why we’re sharing our tips on how to tell if they could use some more stimulation and how you can keep them entertained. Read on to find out!

Signs your cat is bored. 

Your cat could be bored if they’re over-grooming, so pay particular attention to whether your cat is repeatedly licking themselves or picking at their skin. Another sign that your cat is bored is if they’re overeating. Much like humans, cats tend to over-eat simply to keep themselves entertained. If your cat seems to be acting aggressively towards other animals in the home, this could also be a sign that they're lacking entertainment, resulting in them annoying or chasing other animals. 

Other common boredom behaviors include lethargy and lack of curiosity. While it is normal for cats to sleep throughout the day (on average, cats sleep 15 hours a day), if they’re not taking breaks from time to time to engage in activity and play, they could be insufficiently stimulated. It’s also important to notice if your cat seems uninterested in food or things that normally keep them active, as these could be signs of boredom.

It's important to rule out medical or behavioral problems if your cat is displaying any of the above signs. These are the most common indications of boredom, but they also could be signs of a larger issue.

How to keep your cat entertained throughout the day.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your cat stimulated that require minimal effort. If you find that your cat is food motivated (as most animals are), try hiding treats around the home. You can also switch to a water fountain or a running tap to stimulate your cat’s interest in water, keeping them both hydrated and occupied. 

If possible, try placing plenty of scratching areas for your cats in your home. A scratching post, scratch pad, or disposable scratcher will keep your cat stimulated throughout the day. If you have cat trees or towers in your home, consider placing them by a secure window so your cat can watch what’s happening outside.

Encouraging your cats to play is the most important way to prevent them from getting bored. Try to set aside some time in your day to play with your feline friend, playing with a variety of toys, allowing your cat to catch the toy at the end of each game. Light play is another great way to play with your cat. Play with the light from a reflective surface such as a mirror or CD and let your cat chase the light. Avoid shining any direct light or laser pointers in your cats eyes when engaging in light play. 

On occasion, you can even play videos created for cats on YouTube for your pet –they can watch mice and birds in the wild, sparking their curiosity.

Dedicating time to play with your cat will keep them from becoming glued to the couch and will help them stay healthy and agile.